The 2009 British and Irish floods

During November and December of 2009, Britain and Ireland were destructed by floods. This time the November month was mistiest from all over the UK since 1914. The Cambria was much damage area of Great Britain and Clare, Cork, Galway were affected areas from Ireland.

At that time the European winds took full rain and tempest force breezes, which became the cause of flooding in Great Britain. The weather situation was unsettled across south and then in north. Many towns were damaged in Cambria and Galloway on 19, 20 November. Many bridges were shrunken during that time and caused some deaths. The deaths were in different areas, such as in the areas of Poundsgate, Dartmoor, Devon, Powys, Newtown and Talybont-on-Usk.The flood affected cork city of Ireland deeply and it was the largest flood of Ireland history. It became the reason of destroying a wide planting area. The University of Cork was affected badly and remained close for many days. All national institutions were damaged, mostly were shifted to hotels. The Irish Government launched the “ongoing emergency” due to eviler situation.

The people of Britain and Ireland took much time for recovery of floods. Mostly areas were maintained by government but some areas were with the help of some organizations, which were providing flood damage restoration services. And after a long time life came at routine.