Camden Market Fire in London

This area has been damaged two times due to fire, 1st in 2008 when fire broke out to the north side in Camden market and 2nd time in 2014.The fire damaged London’s most famous shopping area that time.

  • Camden Market fire in 2008

The life was at daily routine, when fire broke out in the famous area of London Camden market on 9th of February 2008 at evening time. It was on the north side near the Chalk Farm Road. At the current time hundred fire fighters snuffed the fire and saved the market and people completely. The market was disturbed for some time but came at routine soon, but the railway track and service was interrupted. When try to know the reason of fire ignited, it came to know that fire was due to LPG, which was remained open near dresses bags.Some shops were a little affected,but they avail fire damage restoration services quickly for maintaining their shops.

  • Camden Market fire in 2014

The fire was 2nd time broke out again in this market in this year on 19th of MAY at 8.00 pm. Mean four days before this was occurred and it was again near Chalk Farm Road. This time fire engines and fire fighters, which were in 80 in strength, they dispensed with the glare. The London fire brigadiers announce that fire was controlled till 9.00 pm and there was no injury or death.