History’s evidence shows that sorrow never stops in the Balkans

The flood has sunk the state currently and it was record flood of history. This flood broke 120 years old records. During the situation I saw the people like soldiers to save themselves and their close ones. I saw this time the condition was like that time, when NATO bombing on the Serbia and Kosovo.

Mostly it has been seen that the Balkan countries are aggressive and irritable, but when they face enemy they became united. The climate made soldiers worthless and bad dames with poor boundaries also cause the flood disasters. The main thing was that there was lack of plans against the floods. Due to these floods Rapidly the Balkan residents disremembered their religions, ethnicity, sexual and political orientation

It is true that the condition was worst but Orthodox Church made the ungodly tolerance of gays to the responsible of the floods. But the reality is that the gays can’t protest due to worst floods.

The waves of river swept away the rural villages, and waves were two two meters in length.

The people were forced to live on the roves of houses without food, medicines and boats due to these sharp waves. It was like the breakdown of Yugoslavia, but in reverse, as Serbs Croats and Bosnians, compared to their own purposes, was united in a bath of mud.

Due this disasters the all world stars like Novak Djokovic, Angelina Jolie, Paulo Coelho, etc stopped their work and took attention to the floods and appeal to the world for help also.

Rapid response was also with all the organizations and humanitarian concerts, which sent money for help.it was good to see that our stars took the flood’s disasters on their shoulders.

The politicians of Serbia were guessing about the situations and were lack of correct information. We appreciate the public, who stand with the victims. When we talk to an old lady, who saw the waves and these worst scenes with his own eyes, she told that that time they have nothing to loss.

The aid came from all over the world for victims and many people did not show their names in aid. The diaspora usually gets very energetic in those troubles, out of sense of nostalgia, guilt, whatever. My appeal is that from where you belongs and in what situations you are, the worst condition is still waiting your help.my appeal is specially for those firms who are offering flood damage restoration services that they came here and work for aid.

After the three-day stun of the crisis circumstance, three days of grieving take after.

Gypsies approached the crisis staff and said: we don’t have anything, we are wanderers, we don’t have anything to lose however we can give, on the grounds that our ladies can breastfeed the children! After the initially startled minute, their offer was acknowledged! Downside: a prominent educator from Serbia blamed the USA for incognito climate warfare, utilizing the HAARP military science undertaking to process manufactured mists and the surges to kill the Serbs, who are obviously the chose individuals of the world in this period of history. These paranoid fears never need in common debacles everywhere throughout the world. These Serbian tales are especially dear to my heart in light of the fact that they come in my own particular dialect of obliviousness and neurosis.