Mine Fire disaster in Soma,Turkey

In soma, turkey there was an explosion on 13th of May 2014 on a coal mine.it caused a fire broke in the mine and burnt till 15th of May 2014.It was worst fire disaster in the history of turkey ,because 301 people loosed their lives and 80 are injured .How the explosion happened and fire caused, it is in investigation. There were 787 workers in the mine and the explosion occurred during the time of shift changing. The final deaths were announced after 4 days on 17th of May 2014 those were 301 announced by minister of energy and natural resources. The ministry also declared the names of dead persons and 486 people who are lived. From some other politicians it is claimed that the deaths are more than 340.

Before this the miners protested against the Government that made the mines save and easy for work. After this protest the disasters happened.

The fire burning was so wide that 2 kilometers  areas  was in range and explosion occurred below the earth on mine’s surface .At that time the workers were 787 in the occasion and the explosion killed 301 workers with it 80 are injured. The workers were out of knowledge from the explosion, because it happened during the shift change time. The first dead body was of a 15 years old boy, who was working with workers.

After explosions many helping teams and the fire damage restoration services providers reached there for help.

According to the rapid response representative’s news that many rescue teams reached on the occasion and they provided the affected peoples fresh airs and try to save the workers.Four expert and large rescue teams were there to provide the people fresh air, smoke removal and all fire damage restoration services.

Many international organizations offered for help and aid for this fire disaster. And many countries offered sympathies to the Turkish president.

  • First the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan presented sympathies to the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul, the preys’ families and desired quick recovery to the injured miners.
  • After it the president of Azerbaijan offered for help.
  • In the statement the Egypt said that they are with Turkish people in this sorrowful time.
  • The other countries like India, Greece, and Israel also expressed their kindness with Turkish president.

The conclusion is that many disasters occurred in spite of safety in the world and fire disasters are nominated. We should do all for safety to get rid from these occasions, but if we faced such type of disasters than we have to recover it soon. At all level, locally or globally the firms who are providing the restoration services like rapid response can help in recovery.