The Flooding disaster announced in Clark

Due to current storms the administrators of Clark County announced a local tragedy and also said that county needed federal aid also. The county linked Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Summit counties after the announcement two days before and these countries already announced about storms last week. The Red Cross and Miami County Emergency Management Agency are trying to reach the damage because it is reported that 6 homes were smashed. And the loss of houses is under investigation under county government. Many homes and apartment were affected due to this storm and it also caused flooding. The director of Clark County Park said that a hole of 2 meter is created due to this. Many agencies like rapid response, Ohio Emergency Management Agency, and the Small Business Administration are trying to know the damage ratio.Lisa D’Allessandris (Clark County Emergency Management Director) said.The calculation will define whether assets will be obtainable to authorities and people in Clark County damaged by flooding. It is a possibility that“There could be separate support or community structure assistance, which would be for road maintenance.The plan is that once the damage loss is calculated than Govt. will help the community.The roads are now travel able. One man got place to live of those 100 people who moved due to flooding.If construction work should be started then it takes 4 to 6 months to recover. The people are also trying to avail the services of some organizations like flood damage restoration services for recovery.The water depth was 18 inches in the floor of those 39 apartments and on some floors the water was 3 inches.

D’Allessandris said:

7 houses in Bethel Twp. and 2 homes in Mad River Twp. were also pretentious by flooding,

Mike Larson, executive director of the Clark-Champaign County Chapter of the American Red Cross said:The Red Cross has delivered between $25,000 to $30,000 in cash aid, meals and goods.

Larson declared that they have helped about 40 to 50 families and a tragedy alliance will continue to provide long-term services to those stuck by flooding.