The Lost Islands of Somerset

In SW England, this year is called flooding spell, and there are many areas included in it like Somerset. The people have made many things for their defence from the floods, but due to heavy rains and storms all in vain. The boundaries of sea were broken and water came out creating the disaster. All the roads were like canals and boats were used for travelling. The damage was at high level as the livestock was destructed, all communities were defense less. Mostly people have worked on their lands to grow up the crops, all go useless. Many organizations like rapid response advices the people, that how to face current situations, but due to disaster, no one can act upon on it and the establishments also looked helpless to stop the tragedy. This flood was also like past years or past century floods.

The experts were telling that in 1500 years ago, such type of situations was created by rainy floods. You know Somerset is mostly agricultural area and full of all technology related to agriculture. The whole areas was made flood prove, walls were created from south side of Somerset to stop the water…

. The early salt swamps widening from the Mendips to the Quantocks, spotted during millennia by the rare occupied islands like Wedmore and Glastonbury, were exhausted. Hundreds of years the roman engineers built the flood barriers but when flood came, people have to move towards the valleys.

The area of Somerset is farming, mining and salt making, and producing all important things for Europe market. The people who live in high villas area think that Somerset is not good area to live.

Unfortunately one day flood came and disaster struck and the time was Roman Empire in 4th century AD. All the people of Europe were forced to move, due to climate change every one was running to save himself. Somerset grieved attacks by slaving adventurers from Ireland and fierce Saxons repeatedly probing the British border defenses.

Power struggles pulled away the crowds in Europe and with them the energetic skillful engineers. We can only think the fight and hidden of our families, who lost their lands, stock and farms.

It is easy to read the articles in news or history about water damage or floods, but facing it is so crucial. When these situations come, we have to give all of our life’s collection to hungry sea and only weep.

We will suggest the people. who currently facing these things, like floods, storms or heavy rains, they should avail the flood damage restoration services from their neighborhood areas to maintain their house .Because the change in climate has no announcements feel relax when I saw that the older people were like us, they were farming in their lands, they faces these floods and after that they maintained it, and trade with all Europe like the people of Somerset.

The result of conclusion is that we have face these situations like our old peoples and with it try to maintain our houses, areas, farms and so on.