Fire Damage

For  all fire damaged or smoke contaminated properties, you the owner need to act fast! The sooner you contact a specialist restoration services like Rapid Response, the better chance of reducing the costs and mitigating against further secondary damage. Many people attempt to clean and deodorise fire damaged properties themselves and unfortunatly waste precious time in contacting specialist services.  We can assure you that decontamination and cleanup after smoke contamination is not easy (otherwise everyone would be doing it!) and has taken our technitions years to perfect our techniques and service.  Each day wasted can further corrode structural and contents items and render them unsalvageable.  Acting fast may allow you to salvage more items and reduce the overall cost of the loss.

Our company provides a Specialist Decontamination & Deodorisation service with 8 years’ experience.  Our proven cleaning techniques deliver a smoke and odour free property back to our clients each and every time.  Our representative will keep you fully up to date on progress at all times and answer any questions you may have on the restoration process.

If you are in the unfortunate position where your house or business is effected by fire or smoke we can provide the following fire damage restoration services to repair your property:

  • Full Damage Calculation Report
  • Electrical Test – where needed
  • Plumbing Test – where needed
  • Initial Gut Out of Irreversibly Damaged Structure & Contents
  • Removal of Debris
  • Decontamination & Deodorisation of Salvageable Contents & Furniture
  • Safely Packing Contents & Furniture
  • Storage Facilities
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service – available if required
  • Structural Cleaning
  • Structural Sealing
  • Deodorisation
  • All Trades Provided