21 people killed in South Korea due to fire broke

In the southern part of South Korea, fire burnt maximum area of a hospital. The fire killed twenty one people and made injured eight others. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning on the second floor of the hospital.in that area of hospital 70-80 patients admitted.

According to the rapid response’s reporter six people are in critical condition. And the chief of Damyang Fire Station near the hospital (Lee Min-ho) also made correct this report.

The report tells:

The 28 patients were transported and dead are 21 final counted. The injured are six and these are in worst condition. On the floor there were 34 patients, from which two can’t be identified.

In the officially report it is claimed that many people were dead due to suffocation after breathing in the toxic fumes. A nurse also said that the dead bodies are 21 and the disaster’s reason is under investigation.

The hospital’s superintendent, Lee Yung-seok seemed before journalists and apologized for the tragedy.

The disaster occurred in that situation, when south Korean people were weeping on April 16th ferry disaster, which killed 300 people including many students.

After this tragedy the administrator avail the fire damage restoration services to recover the fire affected area.