Tighter fire safety regulations in Haiyan disaster site

After 7 deaths of children due to fire broke two days before the govt. of Tacloban and officers of fire protection orderly said that snugger fire safety rules, particularly in temporary housings.The committee is investigate the reason of fire and the BFT (Bureau of Fire Protection) said that fire broke in the tent of those people, who are living in shelters Tacloban City’s San Jose district. The fire, which happened just before nighttime May 28, killed 38-year-old mother Maria Eliza Ocenar and her 6 kids.

The family was also from those victims who have lasted their all before this during fire broke in Central Philippines’ at 8th of November. The shelters are made from easily inflammable cloth delivered by charitable firms and the United Nations while harmless houses are being built for them. And the people who will avail fire damage restoration services, the charges will paid by Govt.

In a report the BFT said that the fire broke when a mother was lightening the fire for their kids and tent was burnt during his negligence.

 “The refugees were previous advised not to use kerosene lamps in the location due to the flammability of the shelters they used as impermanent shelter. Some examinations and actions were directed and are constantly directed there, counting the area where the occasion emerged,” the BFP said.